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LM.C Club Circuit Tour ‘18: Heaven’s Rock さいたま

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LM.C Club Circuit Tour ‘18: Heaven’s Rock さいたま

Post by Wolfxmaedchen on Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:29 pm

My friend and I got up really early to head to Saitama. We arrived and some fans already gathered in front of the venue to wait for LM.C.

In the meantime Yuya and mACKaz arrived and Aiji was already in the venue. Then after some hours maya arrived in his common style with sunglasses and face-mask, waving friendly at us before he entered the venue. Many fans were leaving after that and we lined up to buy merchandise. Because we were some of the first ones we got the signed postcard for spending more than 5.000 Yen. Then we had to wait again to get into the venue.

After a few hours we finally got into the venue and it was so packed with people. They started with the intro “NO. 9” and first one to enter the stage was Yuya, followed by mACKaz. Fans started cheering when Aiji came up, but it was nothing against the cheering for maya when he walked up to the front and welcomed us to the show. Aiji had his hair styled like their promo-pictures, but maya kinda had the veda-style hair, but a little bit longer.

They started the concert with BOYS&GIRLS and we all became really sweaty in the first few minutes, and the band enjoyed the view of their fans going crazy over one of their classic-songs. Second song to follow was Space Wannabiez and between the vocal parts, maya encouraged the fans to get even more involved in doing fan-chants and going wild. At the end of the song maya suddenly waved at us to head up to the front and just after one second, we closer to the stage than before. Maya surely enjoyed the attention he got and announced the next song “JOKER -my name is-”. The tension was high during every song and the band and us fans gave their best to keep the energy on that level. After this song the stage turned dark and the fans started to shout “maya” or “aiji” immediately, while LM.C were setting up their equipment again.

After maya drank something from his cup, he started his first speech. He welcomed us all again and told us, how happy he is, to be on tour again and that they were practicing really hard for this. Suddenly he said something like “…and on the next tour..” and was immediately interrupted by fans shouting “EH?” So he playfully covered his face in shame, as if he just told a big secret by accident. But you could see, how happy he was see us so surprised. He revealed then, that they were recording a new album right now, which will be released in august. He made a little mistake about the dates, though. He wanted to tell us, that it’s all about “88”, because the album will be released on august 8th, 2008, which he instantly corrected to 2018 and earned some chuckles from the fans.

The show went on with “Bad Spider”, which was a surprise, because I never heard it live before. During this song maya made some sexy dance moves and took off his leather jacket to continue the show in his shirt. He showed off his beautiful collarbones and had much fun seducing us. “METALLY” was the next song, to keep the energy going. I think this is still one of the best songs to hear live, because everyone is going crazy. Afterwards they played “little Fat Man boy” and “JOHN”, followed by a short break again. Maya brought his mic stand to the front and we knew, that some ballads will follow.

They played “-SORA涙色- and "meteorion” and maya put so much emotion into those songs and the venue went completely silent throughout both songs. He put his mic stand away when they finished the songs and went back to hold another speech, which was interrupted by a surprised “Oh you woke up” from maya, when aiiji showed up next to him on his mic. Aiji introduced himself as the guitarist of LM.C and then they joked about their common routine, when maya always introduced them and this time he wanted to do that. The fans laughed about that and maya started to introduce himself, too and said to us, that we sure have met before. But the fans were completely silent, so maya was a bit irritated and did it all over again like “Hello, I’m maya the singer of LM.C it’s nice to meet you” and a third time again, after the audience remained silent. They were surely teasing him.

They went on with playing “Baby Talk” and maya just changed one line to “Aiji SAY HELLO!” and the audience shouted “Hello” to Aiji. Then they began the LM.C hymn “We are LM.C” and my friend and me raised our prepared flags from Germany and Hungary. We could see the surprise on maya’s and Aiji’s face when they discovered our flags, but then the surprise turned into a big smile and they continued the show. Next song to follow was “Ah Hah!” and maya wanted the fans to come closer to him, again. The next song which brought some feelings of melancholia back to me was “It’s a Wonderful Wonder World”. “Brand New Rainbow” came after that, it was great to hear this song live for the first time, too. Aiji came to the front this time, too and switched sides with Mackaz. Another speech followed this song, where maya said how happy he is, to do this fanclub handshake this time and he’s looking forward to it. He also mentioned, that he’s sorry for everyone not in the fanclub (which actually weren’t many, because let’s be real, everyone is a Teamer there).

maya then announced “The LOVE SONG”, I felt like we all were connected during this song and we were doing the fan-chants all together. During “Chameleon Dance” maya changed some of the lyrics to “Saitama” and the fans were cheering. Their last two songs were “The BUDDHA” and “MOGURA” and LM.C encouraged us again to give our best during those songs. Maya was spitting and throwing water on us like he always does and high-fived some of the fans in the front. The whole audience was cheering when they finished and we all felt truly happy. Mackaz and Yuya left the stage, maya and Aiji held a short speech about the life and that they were looking forward to the handshake now.

At the handshake, I could say “thank you” to Aiji in Japanese, but somehow he answered me in English. He looked really tired, maybe because of his hay fever and medication. Maya was really nice this time, too. I had a letter for him and asked him to read the letter. He thanked me for this and took my hands again before I was shoved away by the staff. After we had some time to calm down, we went home again.

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