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LM.C Veda tour 2/19/17 at Shibuya's Tsutaya O East setlist and review (with pics)

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LM.C Veda tour 2/19/17 at Shibuya's Tsutaya O East setlist and review (with pics)

Post by MAD_Storm on Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:16 pm

Set list:
Into the Veda
the Buddha
Monroe Walk
Fight Club
Ghost Heart
Super Duper Galaxy
Crazy A Go Go
Let Me Crazy
the Love Song
Combat Mode
Oh My Juliet
Hoshi no Arika
Chameleon Dance
Rock the LM.C
Kiss Me?

Yes, they played Chakra twice!
I know I got most if not all of the songs they played, but may have missed one or two. Also fairly confident in the accuracy of the order of the songs played, but not 100%
I put 3 MCs but there may have been more like 5.

Things that happened at Veda tour first live (this list is mainly focused on maya since he's the one I was watching mainly):
-Maya kept working the chorus of "Monroe Walk" into other songs
-Spun his mike a lot, and for the first time I've ever seen, accidentally dropped it (only once!)
-Kept shaking his hips sexily throughout the night
-Flashed his lower stomach several times
-He said "So, this tour has started, huh..." and someone in the crowd reacted strangely, so he replied hilariously "oh, it hasn't?! woops! our bad." and scratched his head embarressedly. I laughed my ass off.
-referenced Malice Mizer
-played chakra twice

There was an additional flower arrangement I didn't get cause I think it arrived during the concert.
Sorry that the pics are sideways, I don't know how to fix that!
The last pic was taken right after the concert ended- the stage set up!


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