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mono-logue (English)

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mono-logue (English)

Post by mayya on Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:58 pm

The sun is slowly sinking in to the horizon, emitting a faint light
It’s just like somebody else’s business
The loneliness I’ve been used to isn’t really a thing to be proud of, not to mention making a joke with it
So, tonight I’ll just sleep on this couch

6 o’clock in the morning, I got upset by the fact that I’m at the lowest on the daily horoscope ranking
But I didn’t care about it anymore 2 seconds later
“The weather is going down in the afternoon. Cloudly, and with chances of thunderstorms”
What more important than those things is where has my phone charger gone?

Getting more and more useless things, the important things are all getting lost in this room
On the dusty mirror, it is reflecting me who matches this room so well

I recalled something about you, a giant rainbow I saw when I looked back
Am I getting away from it from now on?
“That’s silly” please just laugh and say that softly, a word you spoke to yourself

Tomorrow, the holy sun will wake up again at the other side of the horizon
Like how it always does for 46 billion years
“It will never end” the memory I’ve believed in, or the days that I promised “It will never change”
They have all disappeared when I’m unaware

“No matter how much you fear, if you just take a step further you will see a different scenery”
The important-looking sentence I’ve written, still looks like it can change something now

I recalled something about you, the pouring moonlight I looked upon when I was lying on bed
What would you say about it?
Please, sing “It will be OK” like what you usually did, the song piled with all the thoughts

Closed in the low atmospheric pressure, this world looks somehow unstable
Swept by the preferably things, let’s take the updraft and go to the universe instead

I recalled something about you, the futures you grabbed just by extending your hands
Am I going farther and farther from them from now on?
“That’s silly” please just laugh and say this, like what you usually did
What would you say about it? At times like this
You would sing “No problem” right? Piling up the feelings, words I say to the my old self from those days



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