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禁じられた宇宙。(Kinji rareta uchuu.) (English)

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禁じられた宇宙。(Kinji rareta uchuu.) (English)

Post by mayya on Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:55 pm

The scorching sun is red only because someone from somewhere has drawn it like that
If a meteorite fell and I died
I couldn’t even make a tear fall down the stranger girl’s cheek

In a sleepless night which I want to hurt somebody
The transparent you is beckoning to me inthe mirror “Please come with me, let’s start a game”

You must not look at the imperfect figure that can give punishments to sins
The ghost is holding a rose between its lips
Pouring a slime-like distorted romance into your transparent body
The shooting stars disappear like they are living fast is just because they hear too much wishes and feel annoyed
Learn the morality - Even if you die
There will be somebody else becomes you according to the Pareto’s Principle
In a morning too dazzling that it made me think everything is meaningless
At the corner of the room, a faceless mouse sang
"In the black sea, a sweet world appears if you bite the moon rock"

You must not touch The light of selfishness that made lies on top of love
"I only want to dream in a never ending dream" with an innocent looking cunning clever smile
The imperfect figure that can give punishments to sins will never goes away
Giving a rose to the ghost
You are whispering to me like a kiss while getting close to my spirit

"I'm you"



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