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Chameleon Dance (English)

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Chameleon Dance (English)

Post by mayya on Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:53 pm

Acting like a gigolo as used to be with a suggestive expression, Dancing nihilistically
Dancing floor boiling up, Lips snatched by thirsty throats, piercing on the tip of the tongue
If you consider anything philosophically, then you’re ruining the fun Baby
It’s nonsense to be serious right now
Just kick it up across the universe Lady
To the galaxy of mirror balls, a display of courting

See no evil Say no evil, a “henohenomoheji”* dressed fancily, a licenced poor imitation
My right and left brain are filled with additives, I don’t care if this is fiction or reality anymore now
I wish to the star, pray to the moon, and what can I offer next? No way
Abruptly the beats overlapped with the memories, an old ideal that have been caught between my back teeth**
I think I have already noted it by my heart, I won’t let you deceive me anymore
I can’t turn into anyone else, neither turn back to the original
The laser beam is pouring on me heartlessly
We shall be dancing all night long, putting everything behind Hey DJ
Ladies and Gentlemen, all overheat
The ones who can let loose will be the winners Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!
Every time I see you eyes to eyes, I fall in love
Please dye me into your own color
Ready to break my bones Jumpin’ up, tonight I’m gonna burn my life Be all right!!
I’ve already noted it by my heart, you’ve been watching me pretending you don’t care
Wanting to tremble with the expectation, I won’t let it end in this way
The laser beam is gently swaying
Let’s dance All night long, Please don’t let it stop so soon Nee DJ
Overhauling both our spirit and bodies, play the music intensely and strongly Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!
Don’t think too deep  Fall in love  I will dye you in to my own color
It’s only a  matter of time  We all die  Don’t wait for the dawn to plunge into the Brand new way!!

*Henohenomoheji = へのへのもへじ (A traditional picture of man’s face drawn only by Hiragana characters)

**Caught in the back teeth = 奥歯に挟まった= A refer to Japanese phrase 奥歯に物が挟まる, which is translated to “Caught something between the back teeth” - To avoid saying something in a roundabout way.


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