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Post by Chico on Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:42 pm

He shouts out from a rift in clouds, so that the lightning will cut through the universe.
Even a dog peeps slyly down at this dull world; If he won’t sing you will have to sing yourself;
Shout it away

Neither the purpose nor the meaning and the name is being told; a flower blooms and scatters beautifully
Why is it that those half-assed feelings always seem to shine

No! No! It’s a proof of existence!

It’s a Melody no-one can snatch away, a thing that won’t be shaken, two per unit, wandering Heart&soul
If you aim at the Sun I’ll be your wings that can break through across thick clouds.

On the movie I saw yesterday a bad guy spat out to the main character
“You can run from place to place, but you won’t ever escape this world.”
Every day All night long; there’s no end, OMG, you can’t fight against such a thing
Even if you scream and grieve, still your mind will only become drowsy.

Although the moonlight is going to rise, let’s devote even more than
heart and soul~ Go on!!

Time disposed of Memories, looking back no more
From a cradle to a graveyard Through the life
If you’ll be shivering in your sleep I’ll become the flame that’s gonna burn down this frozen world.

Everybody get your hands up, Come on!!
Cheering created from a booming of an ancient thunder of a broken seal
My offer is to cut them Bye Bye, and Fly high on our Dragon

Phantasmagoria; solitude and anxiety too, any and everything around here for So long!!

Melody no-one can snatch away, we’ll pile up the best Fantasy so it won’t be interrupted
We met fortuitously crossing the line drawn between dream and reality; It’s not an accident
Grasp your Memories we won’t be separated anymore; From this place till the future lasts I’ll be with you
You give me what I don’t have and I give you what you’re lacking so we’re shining.

We’re on our long way off this sad world
The whole world Wonderful one life; any number of times re-try the transformation
High five in an extremely high mood; Flying high on our Dragon like that

Translated by: @LMCtranslations

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