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Z-MAN (english)

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Z-MAN (english)

Post by milktune on Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:01 pm

They’re approaching, their hands threateningly aiming for you
But it’s okay - don’t worry – because I’ll come for your rescue

Are you by any chance waiting for the moment to casually start over with your life?
I’m sorry but I won’t let you do it, they’ve chosen the wrong man to pick a fight with

And even if their visions are heading towards that the world will end
It’s not peace I’m fighting for, what I want to protect is just your smile

I have a feeling that if you’re doing it for someone, even loosing something else can make you stronger
And I believe in my own strength, if I’ll just get the courage, I will fly even further

When surviving a deadly blow the mediocre life appears like a miracle
I won’t fall for a simple strategy, a black shadow on the cliff’s rock wall
In the name of justice, there’s only one person I’ll protect to the end
I won’t reveal my true identity, I will always be your superhero

A long time ago this one world was called the blue planet*
But before anyone noticed it scattered, turning into grey fragments

Something’s too much because something’s not enough, however it always becomes a struggle
And I know my own weakness, if I’ll just get the strength, I’m sure the dawn will come

Caught by the forbidden strike, the future is far beyond the limit
I simply have to give up what I can’t reach, on the cliff’s rock wall a red flower is in full bloom
In the name of justice, there’s only one person I would protect to the end
I won’t reveal my true identity, no matter what I will forever be your superhero


*The kanji lyrics says “wakusei (惑星)” wich means planet, but maya sings “hoshi”as in star.

(source : milktune / me / aaand LM.C ofc)

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