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Double Dragon (CD + dolls) for overseas

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Double Dragon (CD + dolls) for overseas

Post by kenyasakura2003 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:02 am

You know the new LM.C Double dragon’s edition (CD + dolls) is just for japanese people, yesterday I’ve placed the order of my CD and it looks like I can order more than one, if somebody is interested in use my adress to order their CD just send me the money by paypal and I’ll be able to buy you the CD.

Sadly, I should ask for 15,000 yens because the Mexican banks are a sh*t and they charge me a lot of fees because I need to take out the money of my bank account to pay the CDs.

Later, when I receive the shipments I’ll go to the post office and ask for the price of the shipment to your country and I’ll tell to the people who ordered it how much it is. After that, you can send the money by paypal (other time) and I’ll send you your CD… Right now I can’t tell you the shippment’s price because I don’t know the weight of the package, that’s after 28 november… sorry.

So, if somebody is interested, please, send me an e-mail to ” ” and there we will be able to talk about all of this…

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