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JOKER -my name is- (English)

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JOKER -my name is- (English)

Post by Chii on Mon May 23, 2011 1:02 pm

if you take a card aside, it's begining a... Showtime !

we will fiercely burn out the night of Gotham... Go Boys ! Are-you ready ?

Follow-me if you want strawberry
This night we will scream with laughter

I'm bored so i am fed up
it's proof that I am not serious
Paradise, hell is probably very different… Go boys, yell loud

If you prefer look, and you are not ready to give everything
if you are scared, you able not to become « high »

We are revolutionaries, we the Joker!
If the king is naked, the game stops

Shalalala ~

Sreams and tears, it's too yucky, Miss !
walls between justice and cruelty, skyscrapers dance a jitterbug
If you are scared, not hesitates screaming… My name that all will learn, will learn to fear

us, the Rood Boys and Junkie Girls
a small « joke » stylish and our congratulation, we doesn't care !
If is two destinys in one

we will burn that on the money
Not victory for default : Fight !

Shalalala ~

Smiles and tears, it's very ugly !, Miss !
Beyond the sacrifice and loneliness, this shape trembling like a mirage,
this person is back, she/he sreaming in crying, this heroine of tragedy,
with this shell that does not fall

In the end, we disclose, the name of the him who deceives his whole

taken from here

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Re: JOKER -my name is- (English)

Post by animeotaku27 on Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:35 am

thank you for the translation

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