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LM.C in Munich!

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LM.C in Munich!

Post by Chii on Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:33 pm

So, yeah, I know I'm a bit late, but I still want to share my thoughts! :3

Everything started on Friday at 9am - I got up, got ready and my mum brought me to Paderborn, where I met Chiisai. From there we took the ICE to Munich - and we arrived at short after 3pm.
In Munich we had to search for the Neo Tokyo because of the signing session which took place there- and that wasn't even that easy, because the undergroundsystem was so confusing! (>w >) [could be because we aren't used to that... I live in a very small city without underground and Ciisai lives in a bigger city, but I guess also without underground..! XD;]
Anyway, we arrived in time, went to the others to say hello and... Beki hit a woman with her STRONG POP copy and that was so funny and cute, because she was sooo sorry! xD and.. yeah. We had to wait a bit until 4pm and then~ we finally were able to go into the Neo Tokyo to get our things signed! I was sooo nervous! ; w ;
And when I gave Aiji my STRONG POP booklet and he shaked my hand and said "arigato!" my mind was blown! I couldn't think proper anymore x'D I gave him my Best Of, he signed it and shaked my hand again. I was just like: ... o__ o'' ♥♥ 'thank you!' and went to maya.
He also signed my things, shaked my hand two times and said about 5 or 6 times "arigato", gave finally in and said "thank you" ... I guess he thought I couldn't understand him. But it was just.. I had absolutely no idea what to say! x'D So I just said something like "thank you so much!" and... yeah xD Outside of Neo I realized that my hands were shaking so damn hard! I was so unbelievable nervous and happy because I met them and they shaked hands with me and everything. Woah, I'm still so dsjkfsadgf happy about all this! - And it was 'just' a signing session! xD

Anyway, after Chiisai got her things also signed we went to the train station again (with the help of a girl - I forgot her name! QAQ' because she told us which train we had to take..!) and drove to the Backstage. We were one of the firsts and it was actually really nice, even rhough it rained QQ' Somewhen later also a few other people (forgot their names... xD) and Ducky arrived and ... yeaaaah.
It stopped to rain and we decided to prepare our sleeping-place-things infront of the hall and sat there and talked and.. yeah. Ducky, Chiisai and I went sleeping into the car of Trina later, because we didn't really want to sleep outside, since there was a party and drunken people and.. yeah. We slept about 3 hours and went to the others again in the morning~
Later that day we got dressed & stuff and had to waaaait. At 3pm or something like this the chaos began o. o'' Because there was public viewing and there were football-fans and LM.C fans and I was so confused and annoyed because - WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT? I mean.. Public viewing while LM.C? D: Why D:
But we still had fun and I met many people I wanted to meet! :3 And even though there were a few fight between some people, you could really feel the LOVE everywhere! LM.C fans are sooo nice, I still don't get that! xD

Later some cute staff-people came and told us that the concert would start a bit earlier, because of the public viewing... That was kinda horrible, because that was so unorganized! Aiji also posted an blog post about this and I think he was very annoyed that this had to happen!!
When we were finally able to go infront of the doors - everything was so stupid, because I stood somewhere in the back, because - well - there are always some people who come late but want to stand in the 1st or 2nd row... > >'' But somehow we (Dera & me, because we were kinda the only ones of the people I really knew who hadn't VIP tickets) managed to be in the 3rd row when they let us in. I stood next to Dera and right infront of Aiji! *Q* (tho I saw maya more than him, actually. Too many tall people infront of me.. D:)

The concert itself was sooooo great! Q///Q ♥ I don't remember the order of the songs anymore, but they started with Be Strong, Be Pop (of course) and after that Ah Hah! ~
they also played:
Goak-on-Soul, Baby Talk, COMBATmode, Ghost Heart, Metally, @Funny Phantom@, Oh my Juliet, Ninomo Hajimaranakatta ichinichi no Owari ni (♥♥!), 88 (we managed to sing the lyrics! xD and it looked so aaawesome, because some people had 88-lights (yes, me too! :D) and that was so.. waah! ;- ;), the LOVE SONG, Let me'crazy!!, Super Duper Galaxy and Bell the Cat. I'm sure I forgot something, but.. well. xD Also, during Bell the Cat maya opened the zipper of his jumpsuit a bit and everyone screamed so like hell xD
At the Encore they played Punky Heart, Boys & Girls and Rock the LM.C!! ♥ And somewhen they also played The anthem of STRONG POP and crazy a go go.
And maya was so great before playing the LOVE SONG. He wanted to know what "I love you" means in German and then he said "Ich liebe euch!" But with a great accent :D And he also said that "the next song is about Liebe!" So cuuute q////q ♥♥
It was also cool when maya suddenly checked his hair in a little mirror :D He did that about 3 times, I think and.. I don't know that was so cute :D He also asked us, if someone of us wants to be his Juliet! Of course everybody screamed and.. yeah :'D
It was sooooooooo great Q_________Q ♥♥

The only thing that I couldn't really enjoy at the concert itself - some fans!! Really, some of them were really agressive and right before the encore a girl pushed her ellbow in my ribs and stuff, because she wanted to stand infront of me! QQ' That was so annoying and it really hurt! > >'' But I didn't want to fight or something, so I just ignored her and tried to enjoy the rest of the concert, especially because they played Punky Heart and Rock the LM.C~

basically, that's it.
After the concert Dera, Ziina, me, and some other people waited until the VIP-people were finished with their meet & greet and.. yeaaah. When they came out I met Hannah and she was crying and shaking and I just hugged her and told her, that there's no reason to cry ; w ; Ducky was also really sad, I guess but I could really understand them ; Q ; So many feels!
But still - I was so proud that I managed not to cry!
After that we just packed our things and went right to the main station and asked if we could take another train, since we had to wait about 4 hours QQ' Luckily we could and then they didn't want to take us from Stuttgart to Mannheim, that was so horrible QQ'
But in the End everything worked out and we arrived in Paderborn... (Sadly, because we really wanted to just.. stay in Munich and continue the concert! xD)


I am here again today, the place where we used to meet each other
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