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Post by Miri8796 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:52 pm

"e" and "no" and "e" and "no" and "mo" and "e" and "ji".
Everyone makes the same face to laugh and cry; "I am original."

A pumpkin is a pumpkin, it's fine that way.
But it wants to change shape and color and become a strawberry.

"e" and "no" and "e" and "no" and "mo" and "e" and "ji".
I'm crying out for love in the crowd with my mouth hanging open.

In the streets at noon with a megaphone
slightly raised, I make roses with my common talk.

lonely-monkey-crazy, so-very-fuckin'-rolling

The siren that doesn't stop ringing,
where will it go, whom will it meet?
"Surely it will meet that child who was once crying."

"do" and "re" and "mi" and "fa" and "so" and "ra" and "do".
Something's missing, such poor days should be set free.

I'm left in a daze after the transmission, so I'm returning home and going to bed.
Rocking in the crowded train, I look at the flock of signs like nutritional supplements.

"do" and "re" and "fa" and "so" and "ra" and "shi" and "do".
I'll never learn, it's a repetitive lack of mercy.

My whole body is wounded, and when I'm dazed, I don't return home, I start cutting.
The flickering scarlet, the flowing public restrooms, it's a very convenient way to escape.

lonely-monkey-crazy, so-very-fuckin'-rolling

Still, I would stay here forever.
I want to turn the key to the hands of my watch, but
I also know it's fact I must go.
The siren that doesn't stop ringing even now,
where will it go, whom will it meet?
"Surely it will meet you wherever you are crying."

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