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Space Wannabiez (English)

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Space Wannabiez (English)

Post by Miri8796 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:45 pm

Invisible human, unsubstantial alien,
this era of chronic indifference is birthing illusions.
In the left hand is a cellphone, in the right is boredom.
Invincible superman's façade is a perfectly imperfect heart of a samurai.

It's good to not contemplate affairs of tomorrow on the day after tomorrow.
Love, don't hate, this whimsical and fuzzy generation.
Be seriously not serious and purely impure.
It's a me-her style, which freaks out me-chan and her-chan.

I'd like to target the system of the atmosphere, oh yeah!!
Meanwhile, I'll read the air's scene, it's alright.
If you see true pink, I'm next to the lawn, uh yeah!!
Painted non-stop by weapons, adults purchase my home, dyed as much as possible.

I wanna be someone better, anyone but myself.
I discard the popular waste, big pieces are flying.
I pretend to be the advanced champion of love, of romance.
I learn from front to left to right, I'm just a wannabe.

Are you an enemy? Or an ally? It isn't important, oh yeah!!
I secretly polish my jagged heart's only outfit.
I tried to rub the so-called nuisance off of it, uh yeah!!
Even if I sulk, the deadline of our life will crackle in abuse, anyway.

I wanna be something better, I don't know and I don't care.
I made a somewhat dicey mistake, just kidding ♪ okay.
Love & Peace, an inconsiderate egoist is rising.
Master of lost memories, I just want...

Love-something, please, I truely am the lonliest.
Someone who notices one such as I, no no,
even you who stands on the sidelines and laughs,
that guy and that girl are the same, true nature is just a wannabe.

(Credit: Originally from )

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