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LM.C in Taiwan<3

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LM.C in Taiwan<3

Post by otakutetsu on Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:37 pm

LM.C concert in Taiwan: Day 2!

I couldn’t go to Day 1 because of class, but it was amazing anyways!

BE STRONG BE POP started, and they came out one by one. When Aiji came on stage, the crowd went wild. Maya waited until the very last ‘BE STRONG BE POP’ to appear, and he strutted out~

First of all, let me just fangirl about how Maya was wearing their LM.C T-shirt, the one with maya and Aiji and word bubbles all over it. Gloves, and bracelets, choker+chain, and his hair was styled like the one in SUPER DUPER GALAXY. Still pink though XD

Aiji was wearing the jumpsuit, his hair flipping around everywhere as he played. The first song was ROCK THE LM.C!

URGENT FANGIRL REPORT: MAYA HAS NO ABS. HIS BELLY IS FLAT AND BEAUTIFUL. YES, HE LIFTED UP HIS SHIRT FOR US TO SEE XDDD The shirt was so loose on him, dear boy is really skinny ;-; But he pulled a sleeve down to reveal his shoulder during a song >.> We screamed like crazy<3<3<3

I could not remember the set list from the beginning, my mind is completely blown at the moment, and my ears are still ringing. I can however, explain what Maya did most of the time XD He jumped around, waved his hips, urged us to jump and clap, shook his head, grabbed his crotch (yes lol), and sang like a crazy mofo.

The only song where he was standing still was 何も始まらなかった一日の終わりに。He got a mic stand out and placed the microphone on it, singing his heart out. It was beautiful…

I remember after the second song that played, Maya went to the back to drink some water, and he suddenly got out a mirror and a brush, and started checking himself out, brushing his hair here and there, obviously a stunt to make us laugh XD he looked sassyyy~ Water was spilled all over the crowd in front (I made sure to stay in the middle of the live house), and during Oh My Juliet Maya stepped onto the front amp, and I could see a bunch of hands grabbing at his crotch/legs/stomach XDDD He was grabbing someone’s hand for that one part in the song (lucky girl<3), and gods, he looked AMAZING. I had a pretty good view overall for the entire show, I could see Maya and Aiji clearly if I side stepped a bit here and there.

Aiji was making ducky faces at the crowd occasionally, his hair kept covering his eyes so I’m not sure if he was able to actually see XD His guitar playing is still top notch, his solos were strong<3

Unfortunately, the staff made sure that everyone’s cellphones were taken away (they actually had us put them in plastic bags that had a number on it), so there was absolutely no way that I was able to take pictures. The only thing I have is my memory, and that’s a bit messed up right now XD


Bell the CAT. It’s the one song we all love during an LM.C live. Why? maya’s fanservice. He definitely rubbed his crotch once. I couldn’t see it, but the way he was standing and his hand and the girls beside me screaming suddenly and blushing, he was definitely doing it.

He kept throwing kisses to everyone, making faces and holding out the microphone to hear us sing. During 88, several people took out their own blue glowsticks (I couldnt get one ;-;), and all of us sang the first verse for maya. And then the magic began<3

When he came over to our side, I maintained eye contact with him for quite a while until he looked somewhere else, and then I switched to staring at Aiji who came along with him XD Aiji… I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him mostly because of his hair LOL

After Hoshi no Arika I think (see? Can’t remember ;-;), they went backstage to rest a little. Almost immediately everyone started chanting for an encore, and then it became a unified chant of “LM.C! LM.C! LM.C!” and clapping. It sounded so good ><

The support members Sassy, Mackaz and Nomnom came out first, followed by Denki, Aiji, and Maya. Maya was all like “You guys don’t wanna go home yet right?!” “NOOOOOO!” “Are you guys ready to sing more?!” “YEAAAAAAAAH!!” Mostly everyone answered with YEAAAAAAH cause they couldn’t understand his fast talking in Japanese. BUT NO WORRIES. WE WERE STILL HAPPY.

The last song was Punky Heart. Someone passed a Taiwan flag with a SUPER AMAZING CUTE fanart of maya and Aiji on it up to the stage (seriously, it was so cute, and well drawn), and of course maya draped it around his shoulders like a cape. I jumped until my feet begged for me to stop, and my arms were so sore that I’m sure I lost some weight on them. They ended with a bang, the support members left first, while maya and Aiji stayed back to talk a little. Aiji thanked us, saying that they were super glad to be back in Taiwan, talking about how it felt like they were back home, just like in Japan. We’re always happy to hear that, it made us feel close to them, and proud that they loved Taiwan so much.

Maya ended the talk with his usual “PEACE!”, and they left the stage, waving until we couldn’t see them anymore. The instrumental of Ah Hah! played as we left, but I could barely hear it since my ears were stuffy XD



LM.C 最高!最高!最幸!最幸!


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