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LET ME' CRAZY!! (English)

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LET ME' CRAZY!! (English)

Post by Toshihaya on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:12 pm

[Not going back anymore.」I swear my heart wasn’t shakeing(in order to that).
Withering impulse becomes instigated, I’ll think about the reason later.

Instant vitality ON, so as to be coercive I’m not interested in eternal permanence.
The day when the Sun is frozen beckones near its limit. Tonight speed of the spinning World is not restricted.
If you are beside me, there’ll be no scary things anymore.

However I still don’t know if I’ll be able to reach that glittering shine far away,
To breake through to the other side, to collect extended scenery.

Everytime you’re supposed to step forward, you say 「as I thought, impossible」, because memory hits the brakes.
Life appears to be unexpectedly not long; what you’ve not eaten better strike it with a smile.

I say 「Boldly!」But They say 「Wait a minute…」What the… What to hesitate for?
Buried in prejudices; don’t stop, don’t stay in place “before you learn”. Are you afraid of being laughed at?
If you’re satisfied with this place, then hold your finger still and watch.

Don’t forget to keep the track of the swaying piercings in my left ear.
At such a night without a star surely call upon a wish.

Burning up

Perfection of peerless smile dispatches every dirty punch rush.
However it’s a legend , streaming tears may become a bean of rainbow.
Go cry!! Go smile!! Let me go crazy!!!

Unchangeable; even if something happens, here is always the place for you to stay.

However I still don’t know if I’ll be able to reach that glittering shine far away,
To breake through to the other side, to collect a scenery I haven’t seen yet.
Anyway, without noticing you’ll become an adult who’ll forget how to draw a rainbow.
But it’s OK, don’t hesitate to go and meet “Our Future"



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