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Love Me? (English)

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Love Me? (English)

Post by Ikari_no_Ojo on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:15 am

Darling, darling, the sky that we observed together is seen more wonderful than ever
I say something as well as “the reason is very simple, you know? It is because we are you and I”
the weather forecast say it will rain tomorrow
well, it doesn’t matter. Better, let’s see the continuation of the film that we rented

Your capricious behavior, the expressions that you make when you are embarrassed, the fact that it costs you to wake up, until your liking for the sins
All those things make me shine For that reason it continues laughing from that way to my side

Do not say this way so easily that ours is only a common romance
Though this one is one more of so many loves that have exist in your history
We paint that old drawing and we use it to decorate the wall
Whatever happens does not matter; If I’m next to you, it will be best history

"Hey, darling, try to tell me in ten words what you like about me,"
you told me, “it is impossible to tell the truth, ten words did not reach anything,” hahaha
Now I remember, we wonder if the growth would change something
So far nothing has changed, and so it would be great if we follow

It's OK if you call me by phone at 3 am with an annoying humor and very feminine we say
"All I ask of you is not betray me," I say weakly.
Although in reality what I have with you is just a betrayal

I wanted to be first, you wanted to be the last
you know well that maybe one day we even get to disagree,
but do not easily say that ours is just a common affair, okay?
Although some day this become yet another memory of the many that exist in my story

source: Jpopasia


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