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Sentimental PIGgy Romance (English)

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Sentimental PIGgy Romance (English)

Post by Kei on Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:06 pm

Hello- Taking a nap, because the weather is nice. A greeting to the dandelion.
How long- I was gazing through the meadow without minding the clock, when I saw him.
Hey Ho! (Ho!) For a shy girl like me, all I can do is look from a distance.
Say Ho! (Ho!) If I only scream in my heart, he won’t turn around.
Looking from behind, as he walks as he shakes his mane,
Even now, this heart of mine is about to burst.


This love will probably not come true. I can’t even get close to him.
Because being the fat girl that I am, he will eat me.

I know… He looks so proud with his mane, and his roar that is heard throughout the jungle.
Why not… Why did the two of us, ever meet?
Even when we are this different.
Everyone around me is against it, telling me ‘you shouldn’t.’
But, in my eyes, I can’t see anything else anymore.


This love will never end. I don’t care if it’s a love that will never come true.
If he’s alright with the fat girl that I am,
I don’t mind if I get eaten.

Aaaaaaaaah@:ア>°♂a%。$?♀⇒ッ!? ! !! He has noticed me.
He is running this way…but no! No! No! I actually can’t do this.
my love is “Pigs might fly” I have to run away fast.
Because he will eat me.

(My love is “Pigs might fly!”)

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