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...with VAMPIRE (English)

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...with VAMPIRE (English)

Post by Kei on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:59 pm

Walking slowly down the deserted back alley
When the clock strikes 1 am, the city is in a deep sleep
Hearing footsteps approaching behind me, I stop and look back
But there's nobody there

Black hair all bound up gives the signal that it's okay
Even after 3 am, no mantle-clad shadow appears
Even if I try to count the thorns on the blue rose blooming in my heart
A blessing from the gods that surpasses the impossible is just an empty dream
"If all you say is riddles, I'll lose my patience with you"
Hurry and find me - even if it's a sin, even if it's a trap, it doesn't matter
Make today the day you show me your fangs

If the blazing look in my eyes is the sun, your wavering is like the crescent moon
No matter how many sleepless nights go by, the day we join together will never come

Your gutless words to me are always " " [1]
If you falter on your favorite line, you'll ruin it
I want you to notice faster, sickly-faced weak little bat
Color this rose red

If your blazing true nature is the sun, my wavering heart is the crescent moon
No matter how I wish for an endless night, the dawn will always find us

Answer me... why can't it be me? Answer me now! Please?!

If the blazing look in my eyes is the sun, your wavering is like the crescent moon
No matter how many sleepless nights go by, no matter how I wish for an endless night...
I don't need a shiny diamond ring, just let the night stay like this a little longer
If I love you so much and you still won't answer, let the look in my eyes turn you to ashes

[1] There's nothing but spaces between the ""s in the original written lyrics (ooh, the mystery), but the line whispered there is "gomen, boku ni wa dekinai" which means "sorry, I can't do it."

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