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Bell the CAT (English)

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Bell the CAT (English)

Post by Kei on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:53 pm

The immobile stats quo
Always beside the window, delusions all day
Daily life I didn’t decide to clutter up
I’m subjected to only the food bowl

My favourite motto is “Suitable”
I’m serious four or five times a year
It’s my natural bluntness
I sharpen my claws and fill the rice field path
Today I’m also beside the window, delusions all day
If I turn into a bird I’ll sing
I’ll swim in the sky and become a cloud

Like those guys running around with a bone in their mouth
The story of the soft, fluffy head that doesn’t understand
I’m not going to wave my tail like you guys ~nya!

What junk ~nya? There is no basket. C’mon, open the door for me
‘Cause I want to see the world endlessly spread out with these eyes
Why’d you leave? You don’t know, let me out right now!
Without fail the things I want, I’ll catch them all with this hand
-Bell the cat

In my dreams I saw the status quo
I whistle and where should I go next
Things you can feel, everyone, primary colours
The crowd of people coming and going
My favourite motto is “Suitable”
I’m serious four or five times a year
It’s my natural bluntness
I’m starving but I’m in a good mood

A voice withers and there’s only barking like those guys
I seem to know neither the face nor the name
I’m not having my claws up like you guys do ~nya!

It’s in my nature to have bad manners, let got of that hand!
I only want to see the endlessly spread out world with these eyes
Why “Sit down”? I don’t have free time, okay? Let me get out there
Without fail the things I want, I have now

What junk ~nya? There is no interest. Fine, hasten down my street
I have no intention of going home but when my cheerfulness sinks
I yearn for the fireplace at home
After all my values of “Bell the cat” are as a domestic cat

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