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LM.C in London - I feel so lucky~

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LM.C in London - I feel so lucky~

Post by Kei on Sun May 27, 2012 12:35 pm

The day started off with me waking up at 5am, getting ready, then going to the train station at 9am only to realise that I forgot my tickets for the show! OTL Luckily my dad drove them up to me.

So, I got on the train, got up to London, was happy to find there were no line changes on the underground so I could just stay on one train to the venue.

When I arrived it was already a little hot, 18°C, I met the lovely fans at the front of the line who had come from France and Spain, and helped them set up the wristband system properly. (So people at the front of the line could leave if they needed and keep their place without arguments when they came back).

I also met my creepy, lovely, stalker from here, byous-penis! OH PENIS-SAN HOW LOVELY YOU ARE. wwww. Really though, Aki and her friends are lovely people! So happy to have met them~

Iku arrived and we derp’d about, I had people signing the flag and fanbook. More things happened, friends were made, jokes shared, and everyone was melting in the sun. It was 21°C. Though Lisa was lovely enough to share some ice-lollies she brought!

Me and Iku ventured into Starbucks around the corner to use the bathroom and so I could get a chocolate mocha frappuchino~ I was a little sad when they said they had no venti sized cups left. so I had to get a smaller one.

Then even later I met another girl called Lisa, and Jasmine, who, along with Iku, I would share a hotel room with that night. So we went off to book that and take some purikura to commemorate the day~

When we eventually got back 3 hours later (we had only planned to be gone 1 hour at the most), the line was longer and I had to rush around getting people to sign the flag and the book before the VIP’s went in. I also saw some amazingly cute Japanese fans cosplaying Maya and Aiji! They looked so much like them it was so cool!

I was also surprised because I got to meet Hika! She had come over from France~ it was so nice! I also got to meet Dani! We talked and both decided that MAD FAMILY and FYEAHLMCANDMORE would work together and help each other instead of becoming rivals like we had joked about. xD I also saw Jarrad, Rien and Sawa~ so good to see them again!

Also, here, have a beautiful photo of Iku making a stupid face~

and a photo of me and Iku being totally gorgeous babes.

Anyway, Chiss was a babe and went and got the book from the end of the line for me after everyone had signed it. Just in time too because a few moment’s later, the VIP’s were let in.

I put all the fans presents n my bag and put that in the cloak room. I kept the flag with me since I’d need it in the live.

So, with Dani I entered the hall, we both ran to the front, right side, so we could stand by Aiji. Though by the end of the gig we’d been pushed even MORE to the right =A=.

Soon the rest of the fans entered and then we waited for around an hour before the show began!

The show itself was amazing, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it was!

First was BE STRONG, BE POP, followed by AH HAH, and heres where I forget the order of things and I’ll probably even forget some of the songs they played. At this point everything blurs into flashes of lights and dancing and loud music. They also played BABY TALK, SUPER DUPER GALAXY, BOYS & GIRLS, ROCK THE LM.C, PUNKY HEART, HOSHI NO ARIKA, THE LOVE SONG, COMBAT MODE, LET ME’ CRAZY, @FUNNY PHANTOM@, GHOST HEART, BELL THE CAT, We Are LM.C!!~The Anthem of Strong Pop~, Nanimo Hajimaranakatta Ichinichi no Owarini and I think they played METALLY.

During Nanimo, some of us spread out over the front row, began blowing bubbles that I had brought, and kept doing it throughout the song~ It was so magical~ 8’D One of the bubbles got stuck on Aiji’s face and didn’t burst until he shook his head, It was so funny~

Also during the live, Iku had brought some balloons with flashing lights in them that we had blown up, and one was throwing back into the crowd by the security staff, then it was hit back at Maya, who kicked it, then it came back, so he hit it with his hand, and it came back again, it was soso funny!

Maya kept hitting electronics with water when he spat it over the crowd. It was so funny. When he hit the projector above the stage he had this kind of expression like “OH SHIT DID I BREAK IT!?”, he also hit some other equipment but I can’t remember what.

Iku, Dani and Me held up the UK flag together, Aiji saw it first and smiled at us, then later Maya saw it~, during one of the MC’s I threw it at Aiji because there was no way in hell I’d be able to throw it all the way to Maya without missing. So it ended up at Aiji’s feet and a staff member placed it to the side for later.

Maya kept going ‘Atsui!’ and complaining about the heat. It was quite cute~ www

During one of the MC’s Maya asked if we’re ok, and we shouted back that we were fine. Then Maya said in English “We are not, we are dying! How are you so strong?” and everyone laughed.

When you’re so focussed on the people on stage, and having fun, then you’re far too busy to be worrying about the fact it’s boiling hot and humid and you’re all practically melting into each other from the heat. We mostly ignored it I guess. www

Aiji spoke a little too, but I couldn’t hear what he said. The microphones where REALLY quiet, most of the time we could barely hear Maya singing.

We guessed that Maya might have been a little ill lately, since it was like this in other countries too, so maybe that was why.

At one point Maya turned away and tried to jump up and spray water behind him over the crowd. Only, he kinda fell over at the end of that and then was trying to stop himself laughing. Also he kept bending down and checking his make-up in a little mirror. It was so cute xD

I spent the whole time wanting to just watch Aiji, but whenever he looked up I just had to look away, afraid that I might spontaneously combust if I made eye contact with him. It’s safe to say I have most definitely, absolutely, completely, irrevocably, fallen for Aiji.

(not my photo)

When they played BOYS & GIRLS, I started crying, and all through ROCK THE LM.C too. The icing on the cake, so to speak, was when I looked up and saw Maya with my flag wrapped around his shoulders like a cape. Then I started crying even harder. At one point it fell off and then he had trouble getting the edge so he could put it back on, so one of the staff members helped him. Denki tried to put a plain UK flag around Aiji’s shoulders as Aiji was talking across the stage, but Aiji was too fast, but jsut as he was moving away he grabbed it off Denki and ended up with the flag over his head. It was so funny and cute xD

At the end of the show Sugi came over and hugged me, then presented me and Iku with one of Maya’s bottles each that she had caught! 8’D

Then it was time for the VIP’s to meet Maya and Aiji. Everyone else left and after a little briefing from the translator, Maya and Aiji came out.

We got to ask a few questions. I asked them what their favourite thing about London is, and Maya said that he went to Camden the day before and was amused by a food place called ‘Ramen bentou’. Also Dani asked if they would consider making an album of songs from MAD LM.C, but they said no. Someone asked what their favourite sake was (I think this was the question) and Maya said that he doesn’t drink alcohol! We probably all looked shocked xD. I can’t remember what Aiji said. I can’t remember what else was asked, I’ll see if anyone else can. During one of Maya’s answers, Aiji crouched down and was just looking around, and once again I was wondering how JRockers can do that… crouch with their feet flat on the floor and not fall backwards.

Then it was time for us to have our photo taken with them, and give any gifts for them that we had. I had some gifts from various people to give to them, and the fanbook. I was so nervous, that when it was my turn, (I was last) I practically threw the presents at them xD. I was shaking so badly, I managed to give the right things to the right person, and then I got out the last thing I needed to give them.

Then it was time to give the last thing I wanted to give them, I made them MAD FAMILY member cards each and when I handed one to each of them, Maya was like “Ohhhhh!!!” when he saw the Logo, like he remembers it. I said, thanks to Maczka, in (very shaky/nervous) Japanese that it’s a member card for MAD FAMILY and they can write their name on the back. Maya pointed to the space on the back and went ‘Ah, name?’, It was so cute! then when I took my photo with them, Aiji held the card up, which prompted Maya to hold his up too, and Aiji had his hand on my lower back~ flutters

Every time I look at the photo, I want to cry again. It makes me so happy! Maya’s face is so fabulous xDD

Then I shook Maya’s hand, and when I turned to shake Aiji’s hand he grabbed my hand with both of his and thanked me, and dear fucking lord Aiji’s hands are huge. It’s so wonderful. They kind of engulfed my teeny tiny hands (seriously my hands are weirdly small and undersized compared to all my friends.) and I just can’t get over how big his hands are! ♥

That was the first time I made direct eye contact with him and dear fucking lord he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. So warm and full of emotion. Just thinking about his eyes makes my heart flutter.

Well, after that I went outside and me and Dani ran around the back of the venue to find Iku and everyone else. Then we waited for a while. We thanked the support band members when they came to the bus, and we waved and said goodbye. Then Aiji was by the back door of the venue, (we were by the bus), and he was smoking! -gasp- naughty boy! wwww. I thought he said he’d stopped! Well, that was 3 years ago or something. I guess he started again, I mean, being in a band can be kind of stressful right?

Then Aiji came up and we all thanked him (there were 6 of us there I think) and he said he’d see us next time. (I think he did… he said something like that I’m sure lol) and went into the bus. Then Maya came up, wearing his hat, sunglasses and a facemask. Really Maya? It was the middle of the night how could you even SEE though those sunglasses in the dark? xD We thanked him too and he waved and went into the bus and straight up the stairs by the door of it, probably going straight to bed.

We were waiting until the bus left to leave, chatting among ourselves when the translator came out of the bus and Aiji stuck his head out and looked at us all. We were asked if we wanted signatures! We got our tickets out and Aiji signed them~ So now I have his signature twice! www

Then Dani showed him her LM.C logo tattoo and Aiji signed her arm. It was really funnt and cute because he kept making mistakes! he was like “oops… oops!” and he laughed and he looked a little embarrassed about it but it was adorable.

Then they had to leave to make it to Germany on time, and we waved as the bus drove off~

So, overall, an amazing night! I feel so amazingly lucky and so so happy. Here’s a photo of my LM.C stuff, well, not the t-shirt, I forgot to photo that xD

And here’s a photo of Maya taking a photo of my flag, from Denki’s blog~


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Re: LM.C in London - I feel so lucky~

Post by shooting✩star on Mon May 28, 2012 7:28 pm

Very nice report, dear! love I've read it before at some other place... but thanks for sharing! Unfortunately I'm really bad with such things otherwise I'd write one about the live in Munich.

And it's nice to know I'm not the only one ~~~
It’s safe to say I have most definitely, absolutely, completely, irrevocably, fallen for Aiji.
OH YES ;A; While reading meet & greet-report I was like "yes... same here... right... sounds like me... " I thought I'd die when his hand was on my waist LOL *fangirlsqueal*

And you guys looks so cute... so much pink hair *loves*
Keep rockin' the LM.C Aiji rocking


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Re: LM.C in London - I feel so lucky~

Post by Ikari_no_Ojo on Thu May 31, 2012 2:13 pm

This is such a wonderful report Kei! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at the show, and it warms my heart to see just how much they enjoy what they do.


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Re: LM.C in London - I feel so lucky~

Post by Sponsored content

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