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We Did It Guys, We Are One Step Closer To Our Goal

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We Did It Guys, We Are One Step Closer To Our Goal

Post by Ikari_no_Ojo on Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:30 pm

First off, I'd like to say that LM.C knows of the MAD FAMILY's presence on the internet. They know of us and they know of our hard work. The hard work that stemmed from our founder, Kei's brain and love for the band. This love sparked the desire to make a place for all of us MAD Wonderholics.

And because of her, I've met Tsu, Martheh, and a bunch of wonderful other fans. Because of her, we work hard together to make her dream one step closer to becoming reality.

Tsu is the co-founder and a moderator alongside myself and she has worked hard to make the LM.C ACEN ROAD TRIP a success. There aren't any words I can say that could accurately describe how proud of her I am. At times she was struggling to get a hold of her group, to make sure everything was set, but it all worked out for her. She was the one who asked them if they knew of the MAD FAMILY, and Maya said he did. Tsu went above and beyond for the forum, so many thanks Tsu!

And Martheh, I am sorry that things didn't work out for us. To make it up to you, I will order you a MAD FAMILY shirt, like the ones I made for Tsu and myself, and send it to you. Your dedication to LM.C and the love you have for the forum and the MAD Wonderholics who inhabit it is admirable and I'm proud to call you a sister. Let us meet one day and have a MAD WONDERHOLIC Party!

And Kei, I won't make you cry this time but thank you for being one of the most dedicated hard working Admins I've had the honor of working with. When I come to visit, we too shall have a MAD WONDERHOLIC Party!


You guys are the best! You work together spectacularly and I've impressed by the dedication you all hold for LM.C. We wouldn't be much without all of you, and your hard work doesn't go by unnoticed either. After all, Kei, Tsu, and myself are all just representatives of the whole Forum, but together your voices are loud and no matter where you live you are heard. Our hearts beat together as one for LM.C and they will continue to do so. LM.C has brought us together and now as a FAMILY, we show them the love they've helped create right back to them.

We couldn't do it without all of you. From the translators who work very diligently to make sure we can all read their interviews, understand the lyrics, know what they say in video comments, to the people who visit the forum. There isn't a single one of you who isn't important and I want to meet all of you.

So one day, we'll all meet and know the people we've spent so long talking to on computer screens. But until that day comes, let the sky connect us and the stars represent each of our lovely FAMILY members. Because no matter what happens, we are FAMILY and we will always be there for you.

So thank you, all of you. Because of you, we've made enough noise to garner attention to the FORUM.

But let's not stop now, let's keep working harder and make us OFFICIAL!

With so much love, respect, and well wishes,



No Fun No Future


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Re: We Did It Guys, We Are One Step Closer To Our Goal

Post by Kei on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:55 pm

-sobbing again-


Seriously, when it comes to things like this, I'm not very good with words... all my feelings of love and admiration for all of the MAD FAMILY are overflowing.

Ever since Tsu tweeted me saying "They know about MAD FAMILY!" I've been so over emotional. (laughs)

Thank you all so much for your hard work, even if you just join the forum, it means a lot to Ikari, Tsu and me. Whenever I see the member number go up it makes my heart skip a beat.

It's a little silly I guess, but I really think I know how Maya and Aiji feel when their fans tell them they love them. Whenever someone from the MAD FAMILY does it for me I feel so amazingly happy.

I'm so very proud of you all. Ah, I kind of feel like a proud mother at times. (laughs)

With out all of you this whole thing would never get anywhere. Much like LM.C, it's the fans who help make them famous. Without fans there can be no live shows, there would be no need for interviews, for music videos.
Every single one of you is incredibly important and I can honestly say I'm extremely honoured to count you all among my friends. (Even if we've never spoken. If you're a fan of LM.C, you're a friend of mine~)

I'll stop now before I turn into a puddle of sobbing goo again. i could go on all day really.

Really, I love every single one of you. And I'll work hard so that in the future we can all meet and have a massive WONDERHOLIC party together! And so that MAD FAMILY can become officially affiliated with LM.C.


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