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ningyo no namida (english)

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ningyo no namida (english)

Post by Chii on Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:55 pm

sorry if there are mistakes, translated from german to english and I'm not even that good in english. So.. yeah. xD

The whale which is floating in the sky and the diving sheepish clouds.
The river of time ended.
The soil that is removed from the deep sea caused a random encounter.
Quietly she’s singing a poem.
The young lady of the abyss is the singer we’re looking for.
The shiny fin and the necklace made ​​of silver sand.
Every time the long eyelashes blink, they’re creating a tsunami.
The love to the ships that were sunk to the bottom of the sea.
That game is a sweet, seductive invitation.

With that she decides for the end and the heart.
She overruns a bid and speaks again a spell.
But like a love letter written in the sand by the repetitive, intense love, she’ll be washed away by the waves and disappears.

Splash, splash. He drowns in love.
The pathetic fish.
On the stage of the coral, which is dancing back and forth, the woman who was robbed of her voice becomes foam.

The night sky, the stars disappeared from and the wind of the warm tides.
Dreams are within the sleep.
That is the real world.
Out of curiosity, the many mistakes repeat over and over.
Repentance is somehow exiguous.
There’s nothing that’s allowed to her.

The flower that blooms in her imperfect heart, doesn’t know the contamination.
It’s from clear pink, but if there’s this shadow over Lorelei, this night the sirens will be heard.

The flaming, fiery ball is hit by the woman.
The sea, which shows an uninterested face, increases.
The petal, which is suffused with a bright red color will be rinsed and trickled away.
It’s like a tear.

Splash, splash. He drowns in love.
Everyone is this fish.
The waxing moon, which stands on the head, detests laughing.
On the stage of the coral, that young girl, who regrets nothing, scattered and flies away.

And even you, who sincere surrenders, can become foam.

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