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two very cute rabbits

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two very cute rabbits

Post by MAD_Akemi on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:56 pm

Once upon a time, two very cute little rabbits that lived in a wide strip next to a town called by the people: PAPA-WHO-IS UGLY, because all the fathers in the city were strangely ugly but very nice.
One of two rabbits named Maya, of course, he was a kid even at the age of 4 months, the other Aiji, it was the opposite of Maya, truly wise, so intelligent that it took a lot of decisions for the clan hares.
One day, while the oldest hare, arguing with adults, Maya and Aiji played together in the shade of a tree and telling jokes. Maya asked Aiji:
- Why not eat carrots in the cham far there? Look! They are very good!
- I thought you were too scared to go, Meets Aiji, scratching the ears, it was always like that which meant that he feels that something is wrong.
- Yes, but now I am more courageous! I grew up you forgot?
- You never asked me that before, what are you cooking? You do not want to go there, but you are obligated for some reason I do not know! Tell the truth! Cried Aiji, sure of himself.
- You got me, ok I’ll tell you listening to in the nearby town, just ahead of the field I told you about him, there is a small rabbit who lives in a bell e I want to see and play with her , you know?
- Yeah, but why do you agree with her Player Characters while still refuse to let my friends play with us?
- Uh … rabbits … it exeptionnel Maya murmured, embarrassed by the question of Aiji, then you come with me or not?
- Well, I will come if you ask adults for permission and then …
Maya cut the word of his friend, saying in a trembling voice:
- NOT! NO! please! Do not tell anyone you’re going in the city!
- But why?
- If they find that there is there is too much shit for both!
I freelance nothing of what you’re saying, Calm down!
- I’ll tell you after our adventure, to reach the city we should go into the field, let's go.

Completing his sentence, the little white rabbit Aiji led by the leg and both went to the village “PAPA-WHO-IS UGLY”
On the way, Maya Aiji asked:
- In fact, you did not tell me the name of the rabbit …
- I do not know
- How? You …??
- There is no time to waste, hurry up!
- You really had to stop … heh never mind you never listen to me...

the two rabbits arrived at time in rabbits. They climbed a tree and looked at the cage of the latter, sad and humiliated.
- Small, Come here, do not worry, we are your friends, so you approach, .. Aiji said the rabbit gently, trying not to frighten, to scare away because it must ensure of the window and luckily, her cage is next to it.
- Alas! It takes work to get used it to us! , Added Aiji, Maya, man, you try.
- Ok, first it needs a sweet song it calms down and I am gifted in this area, listen:
Kyou mo itsumo to onaji hoshi furu basho awase machi no Kazu wo yubiori kazoeteru
Yagate kuru is no sukoshi kimi no Kawara nai hikui sono Egao to
Nanigenai ga boku no shigusa sukui
Oimotomete iru risou to oshiyosete genjitsu wa kuru

and Maya continued to sing with a melodious voice, a song he knows very well. Gradually, the pretty rabbit approached them and finally she succeeded in their tender paw, white as snow.
- Hi my brothers., The rabbit finally said, shyly.
- Hi! Tell you what’s your name?
- Rio … you have a good voice Sir ..
- Thank you, Maya said, I am here to ask you a favor
- What’s it?
- You must come with us, my name is Maya, and my friend is Aiji. Will you?
- How do I know if I want a wicked or not?
- It’s easy, takes Aiji, always keeping his cool, you want to be in an ugly cage your whole life and imprisoned forever or come with us and play every day?
- I want to come with you, of course! I choose my freedom.
- Okay, so I hold out your paw and we will return! Said Maya unton decided.
No sooner said than done, voiilà our three heroes home. But meanwhile, a wolf was in the intro edge and ate all the rabbits, one by one, and left only the bones, dragging on all sides...

* * * *

Arriving at the edge and the two hares uttered a cry of terror and they was surprised
- This wolf has eaten it all! It’s … … ..…. a coward! Maya said, while he was crying.
The surprise and unhappiness did not leave Aiji say a word, but Rio understood immediately that he is very sorry for what happened and he thinks everything is his fault.
Suddenly we heard a sound too weak … “come here ….”
Fortunately, a big rabbit was alive, the three rabbits ask him to know what happened while they was in the city , he said :
“The wolf …. . …. …… ….. ate all rabbits…. … …. you …. you … .. revenge...."
- Well, I’ll be revenged! Let’s see, Mr.wolf! I will be a samurai and I’ll kill you! , Announced Aiji.
- We are with you! exclaimed the other two.
- So here we go! I know where to start!
That way, the three samurais to avenge the wolf and be stronger than before!

The years passed, Maya became a kid more then ever, Aiji, wiser and stronger, Rio, more attentive and intelligent.
Finally came the long awaited moment, the three samurai went to the home of the wolf
- Be careful, guys, Aiji whispered with an air of reassurance, as if already provided the result of combat.
- Yeah, you’re right, Rio admits.
- In the count of three, you enter right?
- Is heard!
- 1, 2 and 3! go!
so the three rabbits enter the house of the wolf, they didn't find anyone there, only the skeleton of the wolf, lying on the floor.
- he is died ! May said, we did all that for nothing …
unfortunaly, when Maya said that, they felt a rope attached to their bodies and suddenly they found themselves overwhelmed, fell into the trap of the wolf.
- ! haha! little rabbits! you wanted to kill me? Well, that’s what it means to enter my secret place!
- You’re crazy, if it was a secret place, you should make it underground and not here you’re a wolf absolutely crazy, I assure you … u_u
- Shut up! or I will make you my dinner!
- Anyway why are you overwhelmed us here if you’re not going to eat us? idiot … an idiot wolf … why am I not surprised? , Laughed maya, after exploded with laughter, he wanted to disrupt the wolves and mad, it was his pleasure playing with Aiji when he was little but now he uses it for his team’s victory.
- You’re an idiot, fool, fool and head lair, but what you are gifted to do is nothing!
- The farm! Cried the poor thing, very upset.
- Bum! you is only good for nothing! , Say the three heroes together
then, they continued to annoy the wolf, until the wolf took a knife and killed himself.
Rio cut the rope with which they were attached. Maya and Rio Aiji found a warm hole to live that’s how the adventure is over with the wolf ^ ^

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